Questions/Answers from Webinar: Convert Leads Faster by Integrating Webinar Data with Salesforce



While we knew that marketers and trainers were tired of the hassle of getting webinar data into their CRM system, we were surprised by the great turnout at yesterday’s webinar on the value of integration. If you had a chance to join us, we hope you found the event worthwhile!

Many thanks to Helena Brito from Mandiant, Jill Myers from OverDrive, and Pat Buchanan and Dave Kornegay from for speaking on the event. Each of them shared fantastic insight into how the integration has made a difference in their business and responded to questions from our audience during a lively panel discussion.

Because we had so many great questions, we couldn’t get to them all during the live event. In fact, we had such a high volume of questions that answering them all would make this blog post painful to read.

So, here is my take on the top 5 and you can access a full transcript of the Q&A here. You can also sign-up for a demo and learn more about ReadyTalk for Salesforce here.

1 – Q. How does sales use webinar information to close more deals? Did you face any resistance to adoption within your sales organizations?

A.  By having access to webinar data directly from the Lead or Contact record, sales can instantly see which topics their prospect is interested in and tailor their message to speak to the prospect’s specific use case or pain point. And, because attendance data is captured in Salesforce immediately after an event, sales can strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on opportunities rather than delaying follow up until marketing can do the manual work to get the data into the CRM.

Each of our panelists shared that ReadyTalk for Salesforce has been very well-received by their sales organizations because it:

  • Gives them timely and convenient visibility into valuable webinar data right from the Lead and Contact record
  • Makes it easy for them to invite prospects and customers to webinars and online trainings directly from the Lead or Contact record

In fact, Helena from Mandiant shared this feedback from one of her account executives during the webinar:


“Awareness of participation in events by potential customers allows me to enter the conversation with relevance and value, thereby earning their attention.”

2 – Q. When I look at a customer record will I be able to see a history of their webinar interaction directly associated with their customer profile?

A. Yes, ReadyTalk for Salesforce attempts to match each participant with a Lead or Contact record in Salesforce based on email address. From the related Lead or Contact record, you can see all of that person’s meeting activity and drill down to the Meeting Member record for full details.

3 – Q. Is there a diagram or goal funnel (visualization) to see drilled down results quickly at a high level?  Will we be able to see a report generated from an event?




A. Yes, ReadyTalk for Salesforce provides a high-level view of event stats including the number of people invited, registered, and attended as well as the details for each individual Meeting Member. We also include a dashboard and canned reports that provide insight into information like attendance rate by event and number of registrants for upcoming meetings.


4 – Q. Does ReadyTalk for Salesforce check for duplicates and create a new Lead or attach to an existing record?

A. Yes, ReadyTalk for Salesforce uses email address to attempt to match an event participant with an existing Lead or Contact in Salesforce. If it finds a unique match, it automatically attaches the Meeting Member to that Lead or Contact. If it does not find a match, you can have the application automatically create a new Lead or use our matching tool to try to find an existing Lead or Contact using additional information (e.g. name, company, etc.). And, if it finds multiple matching records, it will add the Meeting Member to a queue of “Unmatched Registrants” so you can select the Lead or Contact that you want related.

5 – Q. Do all of the panelists use Eloqua as well or do they use different email marketing tools in conjunction with ReadyTalk and Salesforce?

A. has used Eloqua for a number of years and OverDrive is excited about deploying Eloqua in Q4 2011. ReadyTalk also uses Eloqua as an integral part of our webinar marketing efforts.

While ReadyTalk gives you the ability to send email invitations through our system, you have the flexibility to use a marketing automation system or another email marketing tool for this task. ReadyTalk for Salesforce is designed to support this use case, so you can still capture registration and attendance data in Salesforce even if you don’t use our invitation capabilities.


In addition to our integration with Salesforce, ReadyTalk also has a direct integration with Eloqua through the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk. You can learn more about that integration here or install it from the Eloqua App Cloud.




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