ReadyTalk Recruiting Hits up Career Fairs


Last week we traveled to the Colorado School of Mines and Colorado State University to meet students, answer questions and arrange future ReadyTalk internships and careers! We spoke with many talented students who bring a fresh technical perspective and enthusiasm about their futures in technology. They have ideas on new mobile apps, and video games (not just playing them, but actually building them) and many just seem to want to find ways to help enhance other’s lives.

The Colorado School of Mines is ranked one of the top engineering schools in the country and we are lucky enough to have several Colorado School of Mines graduates here at ReadyTalk including: Seth Goings, Michael Keesey, Mark Godwin, David Clements and Josh Warner just to name a few…A couple of them joined us at the Colorado School of Mines Career Fair to scope out the top talent. See us in action below…












Colorado State University offered one of the first engineering programs in the state of Colorado! They even offer a program called International Engineering which is a dual degree program involving liberal arts and engineering courses.  Students are encouraged to participate in programs such as Engineers Without Borders where students work on international service projects.  ReadyTalk also has a few CSU graduates including: Mike Jenson, Jessica Liss and Brandt Abbott.  ReadyTalk engineer’s Mike Jensen, Chris Weaver and Christopher Lamey helped recruit students at this years CSU Career Fair.









In addition to attending Mines and CSU, we have been incredibly busy back in the office seeking the top Software Engineering talent out there. We are currently looking for Client Software Engineers, Server Software Engineers, Software QA Engineers and  Web Application Engineers.  Please contact or if you are interested in learning more.

On a final note, we have now memorized 11 numbers of Pi.  In addition we have been studying up on the Fibonacci Sequence.  Some of you may not know this, but it was invented before electricity!


Katie Green is part of the ReadTalk Recruiting Team (AKA the Beaphins)  She has been in the recruiting industry for 10 years and has developed a strong interest in technology and technical recruitment. When she isn’t searching for technical talent for ReadyTalk you might find her at the tennis court, playing volleyball or learning a new song on guitar!


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