Restrictive Policies

Today, the biggest differentiator between competitors seems to be coming down to service. As companies grow, processes and structure are put into place that standardizes how employees interact with customers. I can understand the reasoning behind this:





  • Structure training
  • Protect the company from potential issues
  • Allow employees to be measured equally

  • Set customer expectations

  • Provide structure to what employees can and can’t do


It’s the last one on that list that is concerning. How are employees expected to go above and beyond when there are restrictions being placed on them? This impacts your customers and incidentally the bottom line. Allow employees to have some enjoyment and creativity in what they do. Come to a consensus on what decisions will not negatively affect the company financially, create an unsafe environment, or set the stage for a lawsuit. More then often you will find that employees truly want to help customers … so let them.


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