Seth Godin at Unversity of Denver

I went to see Seth Godin speak with a couple of co-workers today at the University of Denver. Besides being eloquent, witty, and intelligent, he struck me as a normal guy (not ordinary). His personal anecdotes were related from a man that encounters the same problems we do everyday. However, Seth has an uncanny knack for pulling the mundane out of the mundane. This, in fact, was the main point of his talk – be remarkable. Live on the edges and make people talk about you.

The challenge for us is how to transfer that to a serviceable business model. How can we make web conferencing, a commodity in itself, remarkable enough for people to want to talk about us? One step in that direction is our web seminar series which provides practical solutions for real business problems that our customers are facing. Make your customers smart and they will talk about you.

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