The Subtle Sell

istock_000000652736small.jpgcanvassers. Even if they wish to discuss a topic I am interested in, I very seldom stop. The main issue for me is that the individual is not approaching me on my own terms. They are injecting themselves into my day without my permission and I will react negatively to that every time.

The challenge for the sales person is to soften the interruption and make it easy for the potential buyer to say yes.

It can be done as I was reminded yesterday at Safeway (our local grocery store here in Denver).

This month Safeway is running a drive for prostrate cancer. Every time I make a purchase, I am asked if I would like to make a donation to prostrate cancer. I reactively say no to this because it is an unwanted intrusion. However, the other day, the cashier took a novel approach and asked me if I would like to "round my bill up" for prostrate cancer. My bill was $8.58 that day so my donation would have been $0.42.

In that one sentence, the cashier removed the intrusion and made it easy for me to say "yes". I commented on her approach and asked her what kind of response rate she was getting. It was much higher than the other cashiers; so much higher, that they are now making all the cashiers ask for donations in that way.

This got me thinking: What subtle shifts in wording can we use to impact our sales?

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