Web Seminars are changing the way companies conduct business

During my 15 years at HP in sales, marketing and management, I have conducted and attended my share of trade shows, seminars and customer meetings. Back in the "old days"? of HP, selling involved bringing in experts to our customers to help them solve technology related problems. This worked great in that environment. When the cost of an HP instrument was around $25K, you could justify the expense of travel and time to do this. Global competition and the Internet have changed that business model completely. While there are still opportunities to have highly differentiated products that can garner a price premium, it is less frequent and the competition catches up much more quickly.

Over the last 8 years, I have been designing and marketing Web Seminar technologies and have seen first hand how Web Seminars can change the way enterprises conduct business. Now instead of flying in that expensive "resident expert," you can conduct on-line meetings that deliver a similar impact to your "remote" audience. When combined with local relationship management, this can be quite an effective sales and customer retention tool. In this blog series, I will plan on writing about my experiences in Web Seminars, offer some ideas that may help you "re-tool"? your marketing mix and blend in some tips and resources to help make Web Seminars a standard part of your marketing programs.

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