5 Tips to Increase Sales

It’s a dog eat dog world out in the sales industry today. Even if you’ve been in the business for years, the tips and tricks that might have worked then are no longer applicable. With 10 more businesses popping up in the time it takes you to give your first sales pitch, you (and your company) cannot afford to fall behind.

1. Ask questions

increase salesThis goes hand-in-hand with item 2 about selling to a need rather than a feature. First, ask questions to determine what your prospect is looking for. This may also help you understand your product just isn’t for them (which would waste time, also on this list).

Understanding the issues they’re facing also improves your pitch. You can identify the items that are the biggest challenge and sell to those issues.

2. Quit describing the product; sell to your customers’ needs

You’re not going to sell anything if you spend your days describing to potential customers information they could easily gather on your website. Since everyone has a smartphone these days, all they have to do is pull up your product page and they know more in a minute than you will tell them in 20. Instead, emphasize how this product or service will meet their needs.

Sure, if you’re selling software features help decide between products, but first lay the groundwork for the how the product solves the need.

3. Don’t waste time — yours or your prospects’

Do your homework. Know the type of company, the type of person you’re talking to, and ensure you understand the issues.

How can you conduct this homework: on social media. LinkedIn is a great way to review who you’re meeting with, what their title is, and more. You can eve find out a little about them. It also involves asking those questions in the meeting. But don’t forget to tell your prospect that’s the goal of the meeting, otherwise it could come as a shock. Approaching it as ensuring you address their particular needs is best and then spend time going over those features first.

Set goals and benchmarks that you want to reach each day, week and month and make sure to stay on track. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself falling behind before you even realize it. Social selling is a big part of that — it sometimes will even make someone call you.

4. Don’t forget content and a smile

Your marketing team can give you insight into how to address specific issues your prospect wants to solve. Most likely, they have content around solving it, both with the product and service and with some thought leadership. Arm yourself with this information and know how to get it during the meeting. It could even warm a cold prospect.

Even if you’ll never see your prospect, it’s important to feel good. When you feel good, you smile. When you smile, you’re outlook is brighter and people can often hear a smile in your voice. In fact, it’s a top tip for candidates to respond with a smile. It almost always comes across.

5. Use some sort of video (video or webinars)

Seeing your prospect will help you get the sale. Ideally, it’ll be a product you can see a prospect’s face and still share info or documents as well as demo. Some products like FoxDen are even impromptu meaning you can fire up a meeting right away.

Some products like webinars enable demos and can even integrate with your marketing automation and CRM system like Salesforce. That’ll save you time from re-entering information. It’ll also save from making errors that might eat into sales.

What’s the way you increase sales?

Don’t see a tip? What kind of tips do you have?

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