A Customers Perspective: Using ReadyTalk for Tech Training

Today’s post is provided by Kelsey Harms, a computer specialist with the Illinois Education Association. IEA is a ReadyTalk customer and Kelsey is a power user. She shares some of her tips below.

Have you ever needed to be able to show your users how to do something instead of tell them, but found you weren’t in the same office? With staff in over 20 offices spanning the state of Illinois, we at Illinois Education Association used to have that problem.

That’s why the absolute BEST feature of ReadyTalk, in my opinion is the Share Desktop feature. Here at IEA, we utilize the share desktop feature to conduct short tech training to our staff. Having the same tech training in each office is extremely cost ineffective. Using ReadyTalk for these tech webinars, we’re able to reach more staff, increasing more technical skills.

With the share desktop feature, I can have short (usually 15 minutes or less) demonstrations where our users can see my screen and I can talk them through a difficult or particularly interesting technology issue. Our staff then isn’t self-conscious about asking questions using the chat feature, and is able to participate and help guide the training event.

So, how are we doing it?

• Schedule a tech webinar every two weeks
Our Top 4 Best Attended Topics:

1. Outlook – overlaying multiple calendars, scheduled delivery of messages, moving email to offline storage

A Customers Perspective Using ReadyTalk for Tech Training Image 1
2. OneNote – what is it? Why should I use it? Saving emails from Outlook, planning agendas, using in meetings, shortcuts, password protecting, side notes, built in OCR functionality
3. Excel – cell formatting for reports, sparklines, transposing tables, saving workspaces, word wrapping, alphabetizing, custom autofill lists
4. PowerPoint – using slide sorter view, templates and themes, rolling list of credits

• Promotion – email the schedule (about 6 topics at a time), then email reminder 15 minutes before the webinar

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• Record – use ReadyTalk’s built in recording features to record the live webinar and post to our website for those who missed it or those who need to repetition to learn best
• Promotion – Promote or tease the next webinar before concluding the live event and during the Q & A session

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• Follow Up – Once the recording is converted, email the attendees a link, along with a handout that shows what was covered with step-by-step information.
• Re-Use – Combine multiple webinar recordings and handouts to create online courses

Using ReadyTalk to fill in the gaps between live training has really benefited our staff. Even better, our staff has been begging for us to continue this online professional development. When was the last time your staff begged for more webinars?

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Kelsey Harms is a Computer Specialist with the Illinois Education Association. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has completed the coursework for her Master’s degree in Computer Science. She is the computer trainer training both in-person and online courses, assists users with technical issues on help desk and is responsible for the IEA Online Learning Portal. You can find me on LinkedIn – http://lnkd.in/MxxUBy

Learn more about Illinois Education Association here: www.ieanea.org https://twitter.com/ieanea

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