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As I completed my junior year of college last May, ReadyTalk decided to take a chance and hire me as their marketing intern for the summer—and I’m certainly glad they did. I walked into the office not knowing what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with the inviting atmosphere and friendly faces that greeted me on the first day. I knew on the first day that I would enjoy working here, but little did I know just how much.

As a journalism student, I was eager to drop the books and learn from actual marketing professionals in a real-world environment. While my assignments never involved grabbing another employee coffee, they did involve working with almost all the members of the team to complete several tasks. I worked on creating various types of content such as writing social media posts, recreating PowerPoint presentations and drafting the monthly customer newsletter. I also gained event experience by helping with the company’s webinar series. That summer allowed me to further enhance my journalism skills, but also sparked my interest in business, which led to my decision to earn my MBA after graduation the following year.

Due to my decision to attend school for an additional two years, I was suddenly in the need of another summer internship—hopefully another one at ReadyTalk. It was a great experience and a company that I both enjoyed working for and learned a lot from, so when the opportunity to return presented itself, I could not resist. With new faces in the office and new challenges facing the company, my second term was surprisingly different than the first, but, a good kind of surprising. Not only were my journalism skills put to use, but I was also able to utilize more of my business knowledge. I worked on large products revolving around branding, personas and events, which challenged me and will greatly prepare me for the journey ahead.

Working with ReadyTalk for two summers was the best decision I could have ever made. Working under such intelligent people and learning from them helped me increase my skillset and grow as person more than any classroom has ever done.


As my experience here as the marketing intern is specifically preparing me for my future, others have embraced the experience as well—specifically those interning with the engineering department. The engineering interns worked in a team of five to successfully synchronize all of a customer’s locations between the different ReadyTalk applications, making it easier for customers to use the product. Along the way they learned how to develop software using agile development methodologies and as a team rather than individually as well as how to use new cutting edge technologies that are not available in schools.

Coming from different backgrounds, many of them decided to spend their summer at ReadyTalk due to the well-known work environment amongst their peers. “Everyone I had talked to had come out of ReadyTalk with new skills and knowledge to share,” said Nico Pampe, engineering intern. “I figured that I should take the opportunity while I can, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.”

Over the 10 week course the engineering interns learned to love ReadyTalk the same way I did after my first summer, and they even found themselves hoping to land a job by the end. “I really enjoyed working at ReadyTalk—so much that I’m hoping to return once I graduate,” said intern Ryan Dusina. And, he was not the only one. In fact, one of the interns already has a job waiting for him at ReadyTalk once he graduates.

ReadyTalk offers students the opportunity to learn and expand their skills in an incomparable environment. It has been an incredible experience that I will forever be thankful for. As Pampe stated, “It’s great to be an intern for a company where the other employees are not only willing to teach us, but also push us and are excited to see us learn.”

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Stephanie Watson

Stephanie Watson

Stephanie Watson has been a Marketing Intern at ReadyTalk for two summers. She has an undergraduate degree in journalism, but soon found she had an interest in business. She is now pursuing an MBA at the University of Oregon. She is a Colorado-native, and enjoys running in her free time.

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