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Like Pina Coladas and Getting Caught in the Rain

For those of you who joined our webinar last week, Take Your Webinar Program to the Next Level…With Minimal Stress, you may have noticed that I wasn’t there to moderate the event. That’s because I was across the Pacific Ocean sipping on tasty Piña Coladas in beautiful Hawaii. How did my event magically go off without a hitch while sitting on a sandy beach? Maybe it was the Piña Coladas talking, or maybe it was because I utilized ReadyTalk’s Full Event Moderation services. I’ll give you a hint, it was the latter.

having a webinarKeith Janofski, from the ReadyTalk Events team was there to flawlessly moderate my event, so I could enjoy my vacation all while hosting a successful webinar. I wasn’t limited to being present for the live presentation knowing that my event was in the hands of the talented staff at ReadyTalk.

Full Event Moderation isn’t just for the jet setters, it’s for any busy marketer who needs an extra hand. Whether it’s a vacation you’re jetting off to, you have too many other projects on your plate, or you just want to produce more webinars, there’s now a service that helps you get all your webinar needs met, with minimal stress. I’ll break it down for you and show you how the power of ReadyTalk’s Full Event Moderation services made my event successful and more importantly, my life easier:

1. First, Keith trained our subject matter expert, Bob, on the webinar platform so he was comfortable with using the platform before the event day. This saved an hour out of my busy week leading up to my vacation, which was valuable time that needed to be spent on other projects.
2. After writing the introduction script, I gave it to Keith so that he could present on the key ideas of the webinar before handing off the mic to the speaker. I had the utmost confidence in his speaking abilities and knew he’d get the job done since he’d be following the verbiage I provided.
3. Keith also managed the live Q&A portion of the webinar. He was professional, and made sure that every question was answered by the speaker.
4. Last, when I got back from vacation, I had an email in my inbox from Keith providing me with all of the exported attendee data from the event. This was the cherry on top of an already nice Piña Colada.

Interested in getting some time back in your day? Learn more about our Full Event Moderation services and see how ReadyTalk can help your webinar needs.