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CloudTalk: Meet Your Web Event Concierge

Time for a little Q&A with one of our ReadyTalkers! Meet Jeff Sheldon, Event Production Manager with four years under his belt in our lovely LoDo Denver office! For a little background, the events management team is responsible for any webcast or webinar customer that wants a little extra treatment before, during, or after their live presentation. The amount of involvement varies from customer to customer — from help with scheduling, to a dry run, to full event moderation.


Q: What types of businesses do you work with most often?

A: We spend a lot of time with marketing and sales teams. Often folks that are performing either a product launch or some type of sales webinar. Sometimes they prefer the “white gloves” if they aren’t in a position to conduct the event on their own. Planning and scheduling are big for us. Say the customer doesn’t have time to plan or schedule every detail of an upcoming event. That’s where we come in. We send out links, provision speakers, work with them up until the dry run, and stick around for post-event reporting.


Q: Not all days are perfect. Can you think of a time where you had major challenges walking a customer through an event?

A: It’s more about helping them establish a higher level of comfort. That applies to the software itself or just getting over the pre-event jitters so they’re ready to address the crowd. We try and put ourselves in their shoes and it’s surprising how much can change through the course of a call. Part of our job is to walk them through the components of our user interface, but it’s also about calming their nerves in case it’s their first time. Everyone is different, but they often sign up for managed events if webinars are brand new to them.  


Q: What’s a great day for you?

A: Being able to work with a new customer that doesn’t know a ton about the controls or using our services. It’s rewarding to watch them go from totally blind and unfamiliar to ready to rock and host a great event. Just today we had someone that was like, “OK I have an event next week and I’m not sure what I’m doing.” Then by the end of our session they were super comfortable. That’s a good feeling because we try and be the “warm blanket.” Haha. I do enjoy getting to know their style of learning, and having them get to know my style of teaching. If the takeaway is a good experience overall — regarding the customer support AND their webinar presentation — it’s a win for everyone. Word of mouth goes a long way.

Want assistance with your next event? Say ‘hi’ to Jeff and our crew with concierge services!

How to Ace Your Next Presentation

Whether it’s a webinar, webcast or your next meeting, public speaking — for introverts — can be taxing. Or maybe you don’t mind speaking in public, but deplore the thought of company presentations? Simply imagining yourself standing in front of your peers and bosses, enlightening them with your highly technical or specific presentation might keep you up at night. We get that.

webinarPresentations can be nerve wracking. After all, numerous studies in recent years indicate that people even fear public speaking more than they fear death. That’s crazy! If you want to ace your next presentation and not dissolve into a puddle of stress, here are a few key pieces of advice:

Practice, practice, practice

While you don’t have to memorize every tiny detail of your presentation – such as the way you use your hands when explaining the information on slide 4 – the more you practice and prepare, the less nervous you are likely to be.

Although you probably have notes for your slides, don’t include them. In fact, the more you don’t have to rely on them, the better you’ll be.

When you are practicing, make sure you are picking a key focal point to center on and only providing your audience with information they need to know – not extra information that isn’t entirely necessary. Overall, the important thought to remember is that while practice doesn’t make perfect, it can make you more prepared and give an engaging, relevant presentation.

Use the right tools

Without the right tools, your presentation is likely to flounder or fall flat altogether. If you are presenting on highly technical data or information, you will need plenty of charts, graphs, visuals and possibly even audio or video samples to get your point across.

You also have to use these tools correctly to ace your presentation. Guy Kawasaki, an American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, suggests the “10-20-30 Rule” for presentations. By this standard, your PowerPoint or slideshow should contain no more than 10 slides, only last 20 minutes and have text less than 30 point font.

Additionally, try to keep your slides clean and not overburden them with words and information. This will only overwhelm your audience. Essentially, you want to show them what you are talking about and then explain it concisely to convey your information correctly.

Don’t Need to Be Up at 3 a.m. for a Webinar

It’s 3 a.m. on a Friday morning and you’re getting up to give a webinar presentation you’ve given a million times before. The slides were perfected last year. And you can give this presentation in your sleep, which is good because you’re groggy. It’s for a UK audience and as you slurp your first, but not last, cup of coffee, you wonder … why in the heck you’re up in the middle of the night for another webinar presentation.

You don’t have to be. And it’s not because webinars aren’t useful. In fact, Entrepreneur calls video content, including webinars, “seductive” because they influence buying decisions.

Welcome to the wonderful world of pre-recordings

Simulive is a ReadyTalk webinar product that enables you to broadcast a recorded webinar in a live format, with intros and outros from live moderators. It feels like a live webinar. You can take questions like a live webinar. And yet, you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to give a presentation.

Repeatable information made simple and consistent

Better still, our managed service simplifies the distribution of repeatable information, ensures quality control and consistency, and still allows for follow-up with leads through our integration with Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and Salesforce.

Right, because ReadyTalk integrates with Marketo and Salesforce, your lead capture and follow-up is a lot easier. Getting those leads in the hands of sales is faster, too.

And you can do it yourself, without us

For the first time, we’re about to roll out a do-it-yourself (DIY) version of the service later this year. This makes it that much easier for you to pre-record content when you’re ready.

We’re still going to offer managed services for Simulive events, where a ReadyTalk event specialist is helping orchestrate your webinar for you. But now you have the choice.

Managed Simulive or DIY Simulive?


For those webinar veterans who know where the pitfalls might lie but don’t want to give the same old webinar yet again, the DIY service is for you.

For those who still want to capture leads and present good content for people, but may not be webinar experts, managed services are right up your alley. Our ReadyTalk professionals are happy to assist.

Time and money

Take time to evaluate whether the money saved is worth the time spent. DIY events save money, but require much more time to organize and moderate. If that sounds like too much, consider a little extra help.

That being said, the inverse can be true as well. If you have some spare time and you hope to host more webinars in future, it might be worth learning how to do them on your own.


How high are the stakes?

What are you planning to use your webinar for? Is it lead gen, training for new customers, or the long-awaited roll-out of a new product? Did you pay a speaker a lot of money?

If everything needs to go off without a hitch, it’s worth the extra money to make sure all bases are covered. Getting a webinar just right can be difficult and stressful, but luckily we’ve been practicing for a while. We’re more than happy to make sure things run smoothly from a-z, so you and your business can operate the way you need to.