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Where’s My Smart Office?

Dan Cunningham by day is the CTO for ReadyTalk. By night, he’s a hobbyist who focuses on home automation (smart home). He provides some ideas on why it’s important as well as some easy ways, using openHAB, on how he can automate lights and more for the home on a local network. In fact, he goes through an example of developing in order to turn on a light bulb.

Why a smart home or smart office?

There are a number of reasons why it’s good to have a smart home office and even work office.

  • Reduce environmental impact. Why run air conditioning and lights when no one is around?
  • Improve security.
  • Increase convenience. If you’re in a room and it’s dark, the lights should be on without flicking a switch. Just like if you’re near your computer, it should boot up.
  • Improve productivity. Automation, like lights turning on and computers booting up, keeps us focused on work.

Why can’t we have smart offices at work?

Dan lists a few reasons. The construction companies that create buildings don’t necessarily build for developers (the engineering and IT kind) and don’t want to build smart into their buildings because of cost. There also could be some safety issues, like meeting city fire codes and preventing “hacks” into the office.