Is it live or not?

Is It Live or Is It Memorex

Is it live. Does it matter?

If you aren’t too young, you might recall the iconic Memorex commercial campaign from the 1970s. In it, the “Queen of Jazz,” Ella Fitzgerald, would sing a note that shattered a wine glass while a Memorex tape recorded her voice. Then, the tape would play and her recorded voice would still break the glass. The commercial would question the audience, “Is it live or is it Memorex?”

In fact, they played on the idea that whether it was television or tape, no one knew whether it was live or pre-recorded. Because in the end it doesn’t matter. It’s why we all listen to non-live music (like Beethoven or The Doors) or watch television shows (like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead) that aren’t live.

Pre-recorded music, videos, and more have a place.

Beyond Ella and onto webinars

Have you ever been to a webinar that’s recorded? Maybe.

These days, it’s harder to tell. In fact, you may’ve been to a pre-recorded webinar, asked questions and gotten your questions answered without ever knowing it wasn’t live.

Is it live or not?That’s the power of pre-recorded webinars these days. Live Q&A and interaction that makes the audience wonder if it’s live or not. The information is still valuable. It still serves a purpose. Why does it matter whether it’s live or not?

Better for marketing professionals

If there’s anyone who benefits from pre-recorded webinars, it’s marketing professionals. What are some of the benefits of pre-recording a webinar?

  • Reach a wider audience. You can hold the same webinar multiple times with the same benefit.
  • Present to people across multiple time zones and regions without having to get up at the crack of dawn or before. International audiences widens your audience considerably, too.
  • Conduct flawless webinars, without any unexpected and unwelcome surprises that improve your reputation and your brand.
  • Do more. If you’re not giving the same live webinar more than once, chances are good you’ll be doing other things — working on campaigns and more.
  • Schedule multiple speakers without having to worry about hectic calendars.

Need more?

We have a case study that explains how other companies use pre-recorded content.


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