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IT Professionals Are Like Star Wars Characters

star wars charactersAs many of us are still recovering after seeing “Rogue One,” mourning the passing of Carrie Fisher and greatly anticipating the next “Star Wars” film coming out later this year, you might have this iconic series on the mind. While the IT world is galaxies away from stormtroopers and Jedi knights, we still believe there are some similarities between the classic film characters and certain individuals you will encounter at work.

Han Solo: The Rebel

You’ve all known these IT professionals. They are great at what they do and not afraid to show off a little or bend a few rules, just like one of my favorite Star Wars protagonists, Han Solo. While tough to work with at times, they’ll always have your back when times get tough. They can go rogue, but it’s usually for good reason. And the Force is always with him.

Luke: The Newbie

N00b. We’ve all been the new guy or girl before. Just like Luke getting his first lightsaber or starting to learn about the ways of the Force, you need to be patient with this type of IT employee. While he or she might have a lot of hidden talent, this individual might also be intimidated by the weight of new responsibilities. Don’t scare workers like this off before they’re able to save your back when your industry’s equivalent of a Death Star shows up.

And … maybe be wary of their parents.

Princess Leia: The Fighter

She’s scrappy. She’s independent. She knows her way around a blaster. Much like the Han Solos in your office, she knows she’s good at what she does, but mostly prefers playing by the rules and knows how to work a crowd. Don’t let her imprisonment by Jabba the Hutt fool you — she’s always ready for a challenge. She’s always got a few tricks up her sleeve. And she’s definitely no damsel in distress. She’s the perfect gal to have on your team.

No one would know you’re related to the newbie.

Yoda: The Expert

Knows the ways of IT, he does. Mysterious. Wise. Every office needs a guru, just like all fledgling Jedi knights need masters like Yoda to show them the way. Whether you’re the Yoda of your department or know who is, don’t take these experts for granted.

Darth Vader: The Tyrant

Security. Standards. Order. Yeah, “no” is your middle name. Although you’re probably involved in your own Shadow IT projects, you have alarms, traps and systems set up to uncover rebels in your company who use unapproved software. But you’re not a bad guy. You’re just misunderstood. In your heart, you want to do the right thing; it’s just your company is preventing you from it.

Boba Fett: The Mercenary

You’re an original. You play by whatever rules you want, moving from gig-to-gig. You consult, sharing your expertise for the highest bidder. And you don’t take flack from anyone. Teams love to have you because you solve big problems. Some people don’t like working with you, but that’s not your issue; it’s theirs.

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