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Madness Takes Control

We’ve just had a full moon — the Hunter’s Moon. There’s madness.

Not the band Madness, which I grew up listening to along with Men at Work and other 80s bands. No … this is more the Rocky Horror kind with Riff Raff peeking out from behind a door to welcome you to the master’s house. It’s just a jump to the left.

Riff Raff on madness

You know what I’m talking about.

You’re busy with budgeting and revenue

It’s nearing the end of the year, so there’s revenue goals to hit. Next year’s budget is being worked through. People are breathing down your neck to ensure you make your numbers, either by proving productivity or revenue. Looking at next year’s budget and the reductions, everyone’s expecting miracles.

Your personal life is hectic; thanks to the upcoming holidays

If you’re a parent, report cards are coming out soon. You’re probably making Halloween plans. You’re working out tickets for Thanksgiving and the holidays to finalize where you’re trying to determine which relatives to see when. Even if you’re ahead of the game, you’re busy holiday shopping for people on your list.

And you know it’s about to get busier.

This election is cray-cray

Save money on collaboration and webinarsIf there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on it’s that this year’s election is redonkulous. It seems like a parallel dimension — like the wormhole Star Trek characters accidentally found themselves. It’s like Alice falling through a rabbit hole where cards are trying to kill her. It’s the Bizarro World from D.C. comics.

Things aren’t what you expect. They’re really weird. I don’t care who you’re voting for, that seems to be a consensus from everyone.

For all these reasons, it’s a good time to introduce savings: people need cheering up from the madness.

Let’s make your day and save you money

We’re hoping to make your life less wacky. Marketers, we know you’re considering webinar platforms to increase leads next year. How about 10% off webinar platforms? IT professionals, you’re looking at collaboration and productivity next year. How about 10% off our conferencing?

It might be crazy, but it’s our kind of crazy — making your life better and saving you a little money, too.

What else is driving you crazy?

Not much we can do about the elections, but … we’d love to hear what else we can do to make your life a little saner right now.


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