Remote Collaboration and Working Helps the Earth

At ReadyTalk, remote working and collaboration is important for many reasons. It makes company employees more productive — meeting revenue Remote collaboration helps the environmenttargets while keeping down expenses. It increases employee engagement and reduces turnover … again reducing costs. Telecommuting attracts millennial candidates and retains Baby Boomers as they begin to retire. Remote working enables better disaster recovery ensuring continuity. That’s a huge cost and risk association.

Work from home policies also help the earth.

Here are a few things to know about how telecommuting helps protect our planet.

Remote Collaboration Improves the Environment

According to, Global Workforce Analytics estimates yearly savings if people who wanted to work remotely did so just half the time:

  • $20 million in gas
  • 54 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions (equivalent to taking almost 10 million cars off the road for a year)
  • 640 million barrels of oil (worth $64 billion)
  • 119 billion miles of highway driving

That’s significant reduction in carbon emissions and energy saver.

Other Companies Are Going Green

Tech giants like Dell, Xerox, Amazon, SAP, IBM, Apple and Salesforce all have work from home policies. But it’s not just tech companies — Cigna, Wells Fargo, Aetna, Aquent and Deloitte all have policies as well ways to handle remote collaboration available for employees. And those are the just the big companies.

Fast Company indicates that by 2020, more than half of all employees in the workforce will work remotely.

Cause Marketing

When you’re doing things to benefit the world — helping children or our planet — why not brag about it? Most companies have its corporate social responsibility (CSR) listed as a way to attract new employees and business. And it works — many customers reward a company by spending their dollars on one that aligns to their values. In fact, 81% of millennials expect companies to be good corporate citizens according to Forbes. This Gen Y generation uses their own values, too, to reward companies.

And their commitment to the environment is one of their top causes. The Atlantic provided a survey and environment was among millennials top areas of interest.

It makes good economic sense, then, to go green.

Consider Remote Collaboration

So this Earth Day, think about doing something to benefit your company, your employees, and your workforce remote collaboration. After all, it reduces carbon emissions and energy needs, too.

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