Why Integrate? Think Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

I like tools that serve multiple purposes. I like the Swiss Army knife or Leatherman because you can do multiple things with that one tool. You can fix stuff, eat, cut and more with this tool. I kinda like the spork for the same reason — it’s a spoon, it’s a fork, it’s a spork!

Integration helps software systems go together like peanut butter and jellyIt’s like finding that last puzzle piece to a puzzle you decided not to finish because there were a few missing parts. You know, that “Eureka!” moment. It’s like adding jelly to a peanut butter sandwich. It’s like getting into your car and driving to work when there’s no traffic. It’s like drinking ice-cold water after a great hike. It’s like a Star Wars movie without Jar Jar Binks. Too far?

Integration just makes things better.

Save time

That’s what integration is to me. It’s those tools that can do a little bit more than what you originally bought them for. They’re multi-purpose, saving you time. Standalone software solutions aren’t nearly as useful as those that integrate with other systems. I dislike, for example, when I open my Outlook and see a calendar item that doesn’t immediately pull in related documents. It’s inefficient.

Save errors

When your marketing solutions, like your webinar, don’t integrate with your marketing automation system or your CRM, not only is it inefficient — it’s causing you to re-enter data. This increases the chances for errors.

Save money and resources

Not only are you increasing the chance of errors, you’re occupying resources — that’s money. What’s worse is that you want those resources focused on driving revenue or reducing cost, not entering the same data multiple times in multiple different systems.

Good software companies are trying to make your life easier

These days integration and plugins are everywhere. Good software companies realize everything stated above and are geared toward solving these problems for customers. It’s in their best interests to solve these issues. Having software you can maximize builds trust and usage among those that use their products.

If your software company isn’t integrating what other systems you use, it might be time to dump them. They may be trying to end-of-life (the software company term for kill slowly) that product anyway.

Stop settling for software that isn’t making your life better. That’s really the intention of it. And if you’re not getting everything you need from your software — like integration — it’s probably time to rethink which software company you’re using.

After all, Star Wars was better without Jar Jar Binks. And peanut butter without jelly isn’t nearly as good.

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