Top 5 Reasons Online Meetings Can Be Terrifying

Zombie MeetingThis week, in the spirit of, well..spirits, we present some reasons why online meetings can be scary and how you can conquer those fears.

1. Getting into a meeting can be almost as difficult as getting out of a dream with Freddie Kruger.

The ReadyTalk Browser Plugin, removes the dependency on Java, so you will no longer be prompted to update or install Java. Meetings start 10 seconds faster when using the browser plugins (vs. using Java).

2. Your audience or participants are acting like zombies.

You may not want to see them, but you can using our desktop video. And our collaboration tools – chat, annotation, polling, pre-recorded video – were design to spark life into your meetings.

3. The meeting is haunted – in the background you hear voices, echoes, crackling or nothing at all.

Bad audio quality is one of the scariest things you can encounter. Our remarkably clear, easy-to-use, worldwide audio conferencing is backed by Level 3's tier 1 infrastructure so its always available and always dependable. We offer flexible choices from VoIP, on-demand toll and toll-free and operator assisted calls.

4. Darth Vadar and Jason from Friday the 13th have joined your meeting.

Heavy breathers may be intimidating but they can be muted. Learn more about our Active Speaker feature.

5. You're screen sharing and the entire audience knows you are visiting researching "psychotic episodes."

You can share your desktop, or, if you're feeling a little crazy that day you can just share a specific application. And if its your friends that are crazy, close instant messaging if you're sharing your desktop.

Don't allow your online meeting technology to continue to suck the life out of you. Learn more about ReadyTalk's web conferencing.


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