Case Studies: Cloudera


Jon Zuanich

Demand Generation Manager


"I’m very impressed with the quality of Simulive. It looks and feels like any other live presentation. The approach is incredibly seamless, and to the audience, it appears the entire presentation is live."

Control the Uncontrollable with ReadyTalk Simulive Webinars

When Jon uses Simulive, he doesn’t worry about his guest speaker having an off day or using too much technical jargon. Instead, Cloudera’s demand generation manager launches his live webinar with a free mind, knowing the presentation he pre-recorded with his product engineer is good to go. And what’s more, Jon is still able to host a live event experience by fielding questions and inserting polls – during and after the presentation.
Marketing professionals who regularly host webinars are likely to have at least one thing in common: live-event stress. The build up to a live webinar can cause uncertainty – will the speaker deliver his message as coached? What if the speaker’s background noise makes her hard to understand? Will the network connection give out? What if there are other technical difficulties? The list goes on.
Enter Simulive, a ReadyTalk feature that enables the webinar host to use pre-recorded content, and then present it as if it were live. With Simulive, the host can act as operator at the beginning of the presentation to welcome attendees, during the presentation to queue questions and at the end for discussion.
As Jon Zuanich, demand generation manager at Cloudera, puts it: “There is always some nervousness around a live event – no matter how many you’ve hosted before – because there are always uncontrollable elements, such as your guest speaker’s audio connection. But, once a presentation is recorded and ready with Simulive, your mind is free.”


Jon is part of a 20-person marketing team and oversees elements of Cloudera’s website, email marketing and nurture campaigns.
He regularly hosts two to three webinars a month, and they are an important piece of his demand generation tactics.
“Cloudera technology is relatively new and can seem complicated, so our challenge is to make our solutions as easy to understand as possible,” said Jon. “We like to reach potential and current customers through webinars, and engage them in a conversation about our product. It helps us keep a story going and raise the level of conversation.”
To foster an intelligent discussion, Jon often relies on the expertise of Cloudera’s software engineers as presenters. However, they aren’t always the easiest choice. Jon elaborates: “Our engineers bring a lot of critical knowledge, but the nature of their jobs makes it difficult to schedule live webinars. And, at times, some engineers may struggle with the right way to phrase an idea without getting overly technical or detailed.”
With Simulive, Cloudera’s engineers transform into well-versed advocates. Pre-recording the presentation ensures perfect delivery, and the flexibility in scheduling a recording time with speakers opens up more possibilities.
“Ultimately, the better our presentation, the better I am able to capture our customers’ attention and drive a successful campaign,” said Jon. “Hosting a ‘perfect’ live event is key, and I envision Simulive being very useful in converting leads into customers.”
Moving forward, Jon plans to utilize ReadyTalk’s Simulive events to attract additional guest speakers with busy schedules, such as C-level executives and industry analysts. He expects that the ability to schedule high-profile speakers as presenters will attract greater webinar attendance, translating into additional leads.