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Case Studies: Hein & Associates


Kyle Terry

Digital Marketing Associate

Hein & Associates

"We’ve done a one eighty from what wasn’t working to hosting successful CPE webinars. [ReadyTalk] saved the day."

Kyle Terry, Digital Marketing Associate, wears a lot of hats at Hein & Associates. He counted on webinars to increase brand awareness and more importantly to educate his prospects and clients. After all, his clients and potential clients can receive CPE (Continuing Professional Education) for them.

Once a month, he’d get ready for his webinars … dreading what would ensue; their old webinar platform wasn’t working.

Problems before ReadyTalk

“We had serious concerns [with our webinar platform before ReadyTalk].” They had the following issues:

  • Didn’t fulfill educational goals. Couldn’t enable accountants to get CPE credits for attending the webinar
  • Licensing issues — only 25 people could attend at a time
  • Audio issues
  • Even billing issues

Internally, Kyle said people were complaining about the webinar reliability. Worse, it began to hurt the company’s brand. He knew, though, webinars were a great way to educate and generate the desired brand awareness.

Kyle said, “Issue after issue just made us realize there were better solutions.”

Opportunities with ReadyTalk

“I was talking with our IT director when a partner walked by and gave us ReadyTalk’s name,” Kyle said. Soon after, he received a free trial and some training.

Kyle described the experience as amazing. “There aren’t too many services I’ve used personally or professionally where I’ve been completely satisfied … except ReadyTalk. We’ve done a one eighty from what wasn’t working to hosting successful CPE webinars. They have saved the day.”

  • Issue-free webinars with positive brand recognition outside the company and inside
  • Sales team and customer service people made the switch easily
  • Enough licenses
  • Successful CPE credits with polling features

What’s next

Using webinars internally for training. Also, because of the success, hosting more than one webinar per month.

In addition, Kyle’s considering using FoxDen for video conferencing and collaboration.