More leads with ReadyTalk

Case Studies: More leads with ReadyTalk


Matthew McLaren

Digital Marketing Manager

More leads with ReadyTalk

"... by far my favorite is ReadyTalk."

Matthew McLaren is a digital marketing manager at Amity. “I’ve used a few of the webinar and conference tools available and by far my favorite is ReadyTalk." Matthew said.

Big problems with other webinar platforms

Matthew leverages webinars to help generate leads, but he found that the other platforms just couldn’t deliver.

Issues included:

  • Sudden disconnection and audio drops
  • Lags
  • Hard to use and clunky
  • Limited customization

"It was frustrating," Matthew says. "When it comes to hosting webinars, our brand's image is on the line. A participant isn't going to associate technical difficulties with the service provider; they're going to associate technical issues with us. After a while, we found our attendance rates declining and we knew we had to make a change."

Changing webinar platforms had a positive impact on Amity's bottom line

With ReadyTalk, that all changed. ReadyTalk is reliable, it has quality audio, full presenter rights and Hubspot integration. It's easy to use and does the job every time. Matthew had great results by switching to ReadyTalk.

  • Sales cycle, days to close, decreased by half
  • 600+ additional marketing-qualified leads
  • 66% increased leads per month
  • More in-webinar engagement
  • More than 20% increase in attendance
  • Better reflection on the brand
  • More professional promotional materials because of Hubspot

What’s next? Webcasting

Matthew's looking into webcasting.