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Sherry Lokken

Senior Sales Assistant

NCS Pearson

"Webinars are our go-to educational and marketing tool, and a great way to get information to our customers all at once.”

Ultimate Convenience and Control with ReadyTalk’s Self-Serve Broadcast Audio

How NCS Pearson saves time, money and gains control with self-serve webinar  hosting.

Sherry’s role at NCS Pearson’s Clinical Assessment Group is to support the sales team by coordinating customer education and outreach initiatives. Approximately 85 percent of her job is spent managing the company’s webinar program, which is one of the best ways the company engages current and potential customers. On an average day, Sherry hosts three to four webinars. So,
when ReadyTalk’s new Self-Serve Broadcast Audio feature became available, Sherry jumped on the opportunity to save time, money and gain more control.
Sherry Lokken, senior sales assistant at NCS Pearson’s Clinical Assessment Group, is an expert at webinar management. The bulk of her job is to manage the company’s webinar program, which aims to inform both new and current customers on new product
features, upgrades and other critical information about NCS Pearson’s assessment programs.
On average, she manages three to four webinars daily, which can have 50 to 2,000 attendees, depending on the content.
NCS Pearson conducts webinars mostly via ReadyTalk’s Broadcast Audio (versus traditional audio) because their customers prefer to participate in webinars online, leaving their phones free.
To conduct Broadcast Audio webinars in the past, Sherry utilized the help of ReadyTalk support staff to assign phone lines, coordinate
presenters, facilitate the presentation and handle questions. After many webinars – more than 200 in the past few years – Sherry was ready to gain more ownership of the process.
"I’ve become pretty self-sufficient,” said Sherry. “Even though ReadyTalk support staff is there, I like to introduce presenters, conduct the question- and-answer session and handle all technical considerations. It was almost sad to have to tie up ReadyTalk for things I could do on my own. While I absolutely adore the entire team at ReadyTalk, the way we were handling webinars wasn’t the best utilization of their time or mine.”
So, when ReadyTalk first introduced Self-Serve Broadcast Audio in beta format, Sherry jumped at the opportunity to test the new capability. Less than six months from the initial test phase, she has run more than 50 ReadyTalk Self-Serve Broadcast Audio  webinars.
“There’s a greater sense of ease and less time involved in planning webinars with this self-serve option,” said Sherry. “No back-checking, no pending requests – it’s an easy, one-stop shop online, and I can do it all. I like the ability to control the entire process.”
Sherry has been so impressed with ReadyTalk Self-Serve Broadcast Audio, that she was nervous when the beta testing period concluded. “I didn’t want the self-serve option to go away,” she said. “I had come to a point where I couldn’t live without it!”
Not only has Sherry gained control and convenience, but she’s helped NCS Pearson cut costs. ReadyTalk Self-Serve Broadcast Audio doesn’t incur operator fees, and is more cost-efficient than utilizing phone lines.
Moving forward, Sherry plans on utilizing ReadyTalk Self-Serve Broadcast Audio for 99 percent of her webinars. “It’ll only be a rare occasion that I stray from utilizing the self-service option,” said Sherry. “It’s the best thing that’s happened to me at my job in years!”