How to Run More Effective Meetings

Online meetings are an important part of running any business. But all too often they become an expensive and unproductive use of time. In fact, according to a survey from Atlassian, the average employee attends 62 meetings each month, but,on average, 33.4 percent of that time is considered unproductive by meeting participants.

Think of what your team could have been accomplishing with that extra time. If employees believe that one third of their meetings are unproductive, shouldn’t there be a better way to do meetings?

The 5 pitfalls include:

  • Pitfall #1 — Bad Organization
  • Pitfall #2 — No Facilitator
  • Pitfall #3 — Lack of Concentration
  • Pitfall #4 — Leaderless Meeting
  • Pitfall #5 — Bad Technology

You and your team have better things to worry about than unproductive meetings. It’s time to make meetings effective and them on track.

The Top Five Meeting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them