ReadyTalk Upgrades its Eloqua App to Further Improve Revenue Generation Opportunitie


ReadyTalk Upgrades its Eloqua App to Further Improve Revenue Generation Opportunities

New features enable better lead qualification, audience segmentation, and lead scoring using webinar data      

DENVER – July 17, 2012 – ReadyTalk today announced upgrades to its ReadyTalk App on the Eloqua AppCloud, an online marketplace for B2B marketing applications. The ReadyTalk App helps marketers move leads through the marketing and sales pipeline faster and drive higher conversion rates for webinar programs.

The availability of the new features is timely since Eloqua recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the AppCloud. Eloqua and ReadyTalk worked closely with current customers to understand  the additional needs of marketers who use webinars  as a key component in marketing campaigns and lead generation programs.

The upgrade to the ReadyTalk App includes the ability to capture how each participant responded to polling questions asked during the webinar.  This valuable behavioral data can then be used to improve lead qualification, audience segmentation, and lead scoring. 

“Asking the right polling questions and quickly capturing this data in Eloqua is a powerful way to drive timely and relevant follow-up,” said Shawna Barnhart, ReadyTalk product marketing manager.  “For example, the updated  ReadyTalk App  will empower marketers to do things like segment prospects into different nurture campaigns based on their primary pain point or buying timeframe. “

In addition to polling data, the ReadyTalk App now gives marketers the ability to increase webinar attendance rates with an improved ICS (add-to-calendar) file that includes the participant’s unique ‘Join Meeting’ link. This ICS file can be added toconfirmation and reminder emails sent from Eloqua, making it convenient for registrants to add the event (and all the information they need to join it) to their calendar.

Finally, the new ReadyTalk App automatically pulls key meeting details into Eloqua so marketers can save time by automatically populating landing page and email templates vs. recreating these assets for each webinar.

“As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Eloqua AppCloud, it’s remarkable to see how our AppCloud partners are helping marketers become more efficient while driving more qualified leads,” said Steve Woods, CTO, Eloqua. “Companies rely on the Eloqua AppCloud to get the most out of their marketing investment and we look to partners, like ReadyTalk, to continue to provide these sought-after Apps.” 

The ReadyTalk App is free and available now from the Eloqua AppCloud.  For additional information, including a demo, visit the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk site.

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