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Referral Partner Program

Whether you work for a marketing or technology company, own your own business, manage an association, or are a consultant or thought leader, you can earn commissions by referring industry- leading conferencing and webinar solutions to your customers. Not just that, you'll extend the services you're providing clients by helping with productivity, collaboration and connection.


  • 10% commission on closed leads
  • Simple, automated lead registration with customized tracking link
  • Extensive partner resources
  • Quarterly commission checks
  • VIP rates for top performers
  • Live daily product training

You identify the leads, we close the deals, you get commission. It’s that easy!

Once you generate a qualified lead, we’ll take it from there answering questions, providing information and helping convert your leads into ReadyTalk customers. We’ll ensure you have all the resources you need to promote ReadyTalk confidently and to be successful.

Who should join

  • People who love ReadyTalk and want to tell their network about it!
  • Businesses who want to expand their service offering to include an easy –to-use reliable technology platform.
  • Membership based associations whose members would benefit from ReadyTalk's features.
  • Marketers, thought leaders, consultants and others who often have people coming to them for advice and recommendations for tools to run their business more effectively.
  • … and anyone else who'd like to spread the word about ReadyTalk and get rewarded in return for their effort.

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