Privacy Statement

ReadyTalk Privacy Statement

PRIVACY NOTICE regarding information collected when registering for the ReadyTalk services, during participation in meetings, and following a conference.

When you use ReadyTalk’s conference or meeting services any personally identifiable information you submit may be heard, seen, read, collected, or used by the meeting organizer and other meeting participants. When an attendee or participant registers, calls in, or logs on to a conference or other service hosted by ReadyTalk, that information is provided to the organizer, host, or administrator of the conference. Any communication or information transmitted using ReadyTalk services during a conference, meeting, or webinar, such as voice, instant messages, or presentations, are available to and may be used and recorded by the organizer, host, or administrator, as well as other conference participants. This information and information that is provided by the organizer, host, or administrator of a ReadyTalk audio or web conference or other ReadyTalk service, such as invitee lists, attendee logs, and conference subject matter information (collectively, “Conference Information”) is considered the information of the ReadyTalk customer purchasing the ReadyTalk service.

This Conference Information is subject to the customer’s privacy policy, if any, NOT ReadyTalk’s privacy policy. We do not control the privacy policies of our customers. ReadyTalk may store Conference Information to fulfill our obligations to our customers, but we will not use the information to send marketing communications for ReadyTalk services or third party offers to attendees. We will not access Conference Information unless it is necessary to support the function and quality of ReadyTalk’s services.