Audio Conferencing Solutions

Because ReadyTalk's audio services are fully integrated with web services, audio customers have free access to a set of web-based audio controls that allow you to actually see the participants and audio controls right on your computer screen or you can use your phone keypad to manage the call.

Every ReadyTalk account includes the following audio conferencing features:

  • Dial Out: Dial out to new participants and connect them to your audio conference.
  • Entry Announcements: Select silence, tone or name announce to play when participates join.
  • VoIP: High quality audio delivered using a computer’s microphone and speakers.
  • Lock Conference: Prevent new participants from joining conference once it has already started.
  • Call Continuation: Conference chairperson can enable the call to continue after they hang up.
  • Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute an individual or all participants.
  • Listen Only: Restrict participants from unmuting their line.
  • Operator Support: Access an operator for support anytime during your call.
  • Passcode Security: Set a passcode for added call security.
  • Record: Record your audio calls with the click of a button or use your phone to start a recording.
  • Active Speaker (web only): Quickly identify who is speaking or which line is causing disruptive background noise.
  • Audio Quick Start (web only): The conference bridge will dial-out directly to you, getting the call started faster.

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Using the Web to Manage Your Audio Call

Each feature above can be activated using your phone’s keypad. Alternately, the chairperson can manage the audio call using ReadyTalk web interface.  The web interface also allows the chairperson to view total participants on the call as well as their phone numbers. There are many advantages to using ReadyTalk's integrated web-based audio controls to manage your audio:

Using the Web to Manage Your Audio Call
  • Better awareness of who has dialed in to your call before it's even begun
  • Ability to dial out from an intuitive web-based interface or from the phone book that you've built
  • Peace of mind that your call will go off without a hitch because you can see what's going on at any time
  • Phonebook name and number matching

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