ReadyTalk Integration for Salesforce

Frustrated by the disconnect between your web conferencing platform and your CRM system? Increase productivity and provide visibility into key sales and marketing activities with our ReadyTalk for Salesforce integration.

Streamlined Webinar and Training Processes

If you run marketing webinars or conduct online training sessions, you know how important it is for these events to go off without a hitch. You’ve invested far too much time and money in planning and promotion to let technology get in the way of your message. Plus, you need to drive timely sales follow-up after the webinar for higher lead conversion and better program ROI.

By integrating ReadyTalk webinars with Salesforce, you can:

  • Automatically capture webinar details in
  • Let others invite prospects and customers to your marketing webinar in seconds.
  • Provide visibility into webinar activities from the Lead and Contact records, or a user’s Chatter feed.
  • Instantly record attendance, polling, and post-event survey data in Salesforce to speed sales follow-up.
  • Create new Leads for webinar registrants and attendees not in Salesforce.
  • Map ReadyTalk registration data into existing Salesforce contact and lead fields.

Get Started with ReadyTalk's Salesforce Integration

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