ReadyTalk Integration for Act-on

Do you use Act-On to execute campaigns and manage leads? Do webinars play a key role in your lead generation efforts?
Increase efficiency and move leads through the marketing funnel faster by integrating ReadyTalk's reliable webinar solution with Act-On – a marketing automation platform for the real world.

Promote Your Webinars with Act-On

The ReadyTalk integration was designed for customers that want to leverage the Act-On platform to fully customize and brand their invitations, follow-up and reminder emails while eliminating tedious manual processes. 

Automatically Capture Detailed Webinar Data

Tired of the time-consuming manual task of getting webinar attendance data back into Act-On?
Our Act-On integration instantly records webinar data, such as attendance duration, chat Q&A, poll and survey responses, to help avoid the time-consuming task of getting webinar data back into Act-On. Act-On queries ReadyTalk immediately after the web event so that webinar data can be used to drive post-event activities like lead scoring, nurturing, and sales hand-off.

Get Started with ReadyTalk's Act-On Integration

ReadyTalk for Act-On is included in your ReadyTalk subscription, to get started download the user guide today.