ReadyTalk for Marketo Integration

Do you use Marketo to execute campaigns and manage leads? Do webinars play a key role in your lead generation efforts?

Increase efficiency and move leads through the marketing funnel faster by integrating ReadyTalk's reliable webinar solution with Marketo – a leading provider of cloud-based marketing software.

Promote Your Webinars with Marketo

The ReadyTalk Connector was designed for Marketo customers that want to leverage the Marketo Design Builder for webinar invitations, registration, confirmations, reminders, and timely follow-up while eliminating tedious manual processes. When a prospect indicates they will attend, Marketo automatically sends their data to ReadyTalk to register them for the event.

Increase Accuracy of Data

For each webinar or meeting registrant, ReadyTalk supplies Marketo with a unique “Join Meeting” link. Include this unique URL in Marketo confirmation and reminder emails to more accurately capture attendance status for each prospect while preventing unwanted attendees from joining the web event.

Automatically Capture Attendance Data

Tired of the time-consuming manual task of getting webinar attendance data back into Marketo?

Our Marketo integration instantly records webinar data, such as attendance duration, chat questions, poll and survey responses, to help avoid the time-consuming manual task of getting webinar data back into Marketo. Marketo queries ReadyTalk immediately after the web event so that webinar data can be used to drive post-event activities like lead scoring, nurturing, and sales hand-off.

Get Started with ReadyTalk's Marketo Integration

ReadyTalk for Marketo is free and available as a step within the Marketo Design Builder. Learn more about ReadyTalk for Marketo and see a demo.