Greater Webinar Attendance with iReach

Webinar promotion is a critical component of a successful web event program. The more people that are aware of an event means more people to register and ultimately attend.

ReadyTalk’s partnership with PR Newswire enables customers to promote webinars using iReach, a content distribution platform powered by PR Newswire.

The iReach platform allows businesses to cost-effectively distribute search-engine-optimized press release about an upcoming webinar. Distribution includes some of the web’s largest news sites and social networks, significantly boosting online awareness of the webinar. Customers have direct access to the iReach portal when scheduling a webinar in the ReadyTalk Conference Center.

The Benefit of Webinar Promotion

Besides being easy-to-use and cost-effective, our integration with iReach by PR Newswire offers several benefits:

  • Broader (but targeted!) promotion.
  • Automatically promote your webinar on and make it findable by search & news engines.
  • Ability to target the most relevant audiences when PR Newswire tags your releases for the right industries, subjects and geographies.
  • Increase your website visibility.
  • Drive more visitors to your site by including back links in your release.
  • Extend the ROI of your webinar.
  • Your press release is hosted forever with PR Newswire, which includes a search-friendly permalink URL.

The Webinar Promotion Packages

ReadyTalk customers have access to two iReach packages:

  • SearchReach: Promote your webinar online and within search engines for $99 per release.
  • WebReach: Optimize your press release with an image and drive more traffic to your site for $249 per release.

Ready to Get Started with iReach for ReadyTalk?

Look for the iReach option when scheduling your next webinar or web event in conference center.