ReadyTalk Meeting
Collaborate remotely, schedule meetings or connect instantly, present and share content.
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What is ReadyTalk Meeting?
ReadyTalk Meeting combines high quality audio with online content sharing and presentation tools, plus HD video capabilities. It's great for collaborative meetings, presentations, demos, interviews and more.
  • Multi-party collaboration
  • Up to 99 participants
  • Flexible audio options
  • Video and content sharing
  • Schedule or start instantly
  • Easy to join
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Meeting Features

Audio & Video

Audio & Video

• VoIP audio
• Toll audio
• Toll-free audio*
• International audio*
• HD video conferencing

* Select toll-free or international audio for any meeting, at any time, for an additional per-usage fee.
Easy Start & Join

Easy to Start & Join

Start or schedule meetings quickly.

• Schedule or start instantly
• Start online or dial-in
• Start from desktop or mobile apps
• Send automated email invitations
• Share invite link

Joining is painless for participants.

• No downloads for participants*
• Dial-in and/or join online
• Join via Call-me

* For Safari & IE 11, a one-time download is required to stream audio or video
Presentation & Collaboration

Presentation & Collaboration

• Application & desktop sharing
• Share uploaded slides
• Annotation tools
• Video clip playback
• Chat/Q&A and raise hand
• Polls & surveys
• Follow-up emails
Customization & Control

Customization & Control

• Branding and customization options
• Customizable registration form
• Flexible confirmation options
• Appoint co-presenters
• Integrated audio controls
• Optional security passcode
• Comprehensive reporting
• Meeting archive page
Apps & Integrations

Apps & Integrations

• Desktop and mobile apps
• Outlook integrated scheduling
• Salesforce schedule and start
• Google Calendar Gadget
• Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync integration
• Open API for custom integration
Recording & Replays

Recording & Replays

• One-click recording
• No download to view recording
• Option to store or download recordings*
• Industry-standard file formats
• Mobile playback of recordings

* You can record any meeting, at any time. We will automatically host and store your recordings for an additional fee (after 24 hours).

How can I use ReadyTalk Meeting?

Engage remote employees, share content & make polished presentations.

Collaboration sessions Teams and small groups use ReadyTalk Meeting to get work done together. Connect meeting rooms, remote workers and mobile participants with audio, video, and collaborative content.

Sales demos ReadyTalk Meeting is ideal for reliable, polished presentations and sales demos. Manage and customize your meeting so that your content, products and brand shine.

HR recruiting Connect with remote candidates. ReadyTalk provides face-to-face meetings that are simple for interviewers and interviewees to join from any location.

Support & training Train and support users with ReadyTalk Meeting. Share your screen, present slides, field questions, and dialog with participants.

Award-winning support

for all of our customers

"ReadyTalk serves a very important role in our business"
Jon Hanseling, National Research Corporation

Meeting Pricing

Pick the subscription that's best for you, and start hosting unlimited meetings right away. Tiers are based on number of max participants.

Best Value
Best Value
Meeting 10
Up to 9 participants +1 host
per month
per host
Best Value
Best Value
Meeting 25
Up to 24 participants +1 host
per month
per host
Best Value
Best Value
Meeting 100
Up to 99 participants +1 host
per month
per host
Every Meeting subscription includes:
VoIP audio
HD video conferencing
On-demand meetings
Toll audio
Content sharing
Scheduled meetings
Toll-free audio*
No participant downloads
Connectivity apps
International audio*
Meeting management
Integrations & plugins
* Select toll-free or international audio for any meeting, at any time, for an additional per-usage fee.

For more detailed information about what’s included, check out the specs

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