ReadyTalk for Salesforce1 Mobile App

Take Salesforce and ReadyTalk on the go for convenient sales demos and customer meetings.

Schedule a ReadyTalk meeting from a lead or contact record in Salesforce1 and then it will automatically log the activity in the related record.  The app allows you to view past and future meetings while eliminating the need for you to manually re-enter data from one system to another.

With ReadyTalk for Salesforce1, you’ll enjoy:

  • Convenience: Start a conference where and how you want
  • Better Data: Automatically record prospect demos and customer meetings as Salesforce activities
  • Visibility: See which webinars, trainings and recordings your prospects have attended or viewed

Ask your Salesforce administrator to download and install ReadyTalk for Salesforce. 

To learn more about our Salesforce integration, click here.