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Video conferencing and collaboration improve communication

People are at the center of ReadyTalk's technology. We make formal and informal video meetings easier.

Video killed the radio star

Hearing is good, but seeing is better. You can't beat face-to-face communication and collaboration. It improves understanding. With remote workers, face-to-face meetings aren't possible. Our video is the next best thing. It's also affordable.

See our video conferencing in action

Start, see, share — it's all possible with video collaboration. Move from video conferencing on mobile to a screen in a conference room. Start a meeting in less than a minute. No dongles. No wires. No IT resources needed to set it up.

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Which video conferencing and collaboration product is right for you?

Informal, ad hoc meetings

Ad hoc meetings

Informal collaboration is possible, even with remote employees. Meetings start quicker than you can say the words: FoxDen powered by ReadyTalk.
  • Meet on any device — smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop; we're product agnostic
  • Start a meeting on mobile, finish on your desktop or start on your desktop and go mobile
  • No downloads to start or join a meeting
  • Let anyone in the meeting easily share documents
  • Chat away
Formal meetings

Formal meetings

Need a more formal video meeting? We've got a great solution with several video feeds.
  • Ask participants to schedule ahead of time
  • No participant downloads
  • Start meetings with ease
  • Share your screen and documents as if you were a meeting ninja
  • Demo software and educate customers quickly and easily
In-room meetings

In-room meetings

Imagine a meeting room that doesn't need IT resources, even to set up. Also imagine it costing at a starting price of $149 per month. We make it easy to add it to conference rooms and huddle spaces.
  • Less than 4 minutes to set up hardware
  • No wires or dongles
  • Mobile device to in-room capability
  • No IT resources required

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Video is changing the way we work
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How to choose a video collaboration solution
Not all video collaboration solutions are created equal. Find the one that's right for your organization.


Formal meetings start at $24 per month.
Informal, ad hoc meetings start at $15 per month.

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