Collaborate in Real Time

A successful web meeting requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas on the fly. ReadyTalk was built with ease-of-use in mind, so that you can focus on the meeting, not the technology behind it.

Collaborate in real time

ReadyTalk’s web conferencing features let you start your next web meeting in no time at all:

ReadyTalk Quick Launcher
  • On-Demand Meetings: Conduct an online meeting instantly – simply log in to ReadyTalk and dial in with your phone.
  • Scheduled Meetings: Schedule and invite participants to your web meeting in minutes.
  • Outlook Integration: Schedule a one-time or recurring meeting directly through Microsoft Outlook.
  • ReadyTalk Desktop: Instantly start, join, and invite participants to your web meeting from the convenience of your desktop.

Start collaborating faster

Conduct your web meeting with ease with ReadyTalk’s user-friendly interface, crystal-clear audio, personalized support and powerful in-meeting tools:

Web Conferencing Interface with Sharing Tools
  • Integrated Audio: Enjoy full control of your conference audio through the phone keypad or web interface.
  • Appoint Co-Presenters: Multiple people can have "presenter" status simultaneously.
  • VoIP Audio: Create a hybrid audio experience that combines traditional phone with VoIP audio (delivered via your computer) for remote participants connecting from down the street or across the globe.
  • Recording: Make meeting follow up easy when you capture all the details by recording the meeting with a click of the button.
  • Present Slides: Quickly upload and display PowerPoint presentations and images.
  • Present Video Clips: Easily upload and stream up to 100mb video clips to your entire audience.
  • Annotation Tools: Use annotation tools to focus attention and highlight important details.
  • Share Applications: Share one or more applications or your entire desktop with up to 1,200 meeting participants.
  • Grant Control: Grant control of your desktop or applications.
  • Chat: Chat with an individual participant, privately with co-presenters or to the entire group.
  • Multiple Monitors: Conveniently select which monitor to share from your desktop or application.

Productivity after your web meeting

ReadyTalk gives you instant access to web conference recordings and reports immediately after your meeting:

  • Reporting: Access registration, attendance, chat and other reports immediately after your meeting.
  • Meeting Archive: Create a custom meeting archive page to make your recording and other documents available to participants after your web conference.
  • Recording Editing: Polish your meeting recording up with easy-to-use editing tools.