Web Conferencing Best Practices

At ReadyTalk, we want your web conference to be as smooth and easy as possible. With that in mind, we offer the below recommendations to ensure your next web conference is a success.

Pre-Meeting Best Practices

ReadyTalk Conference Setup
  • Send meeting invitations to your attendees that include the following:

    • Meeting date and time. Remind attendees what time zone your meeting is using.
    • Audio conference details such as your 800 number, meeting access code and more.
    • Your web meeting URL which can be found using the ReadyTalk Scheduler for Outlook or the ReadyTalk Conference Center.
  • Prepare an agenda ahead of time to keep your web meeting on task.
  • Upload your PowerPoint presentation or pre-recorded video ahead of time to avoid delays.

Best Practices During Your Web Meeting

Make your next web meeting more productive with these best practices:

  For additional best practices for web meetings and conferences, check out the ReadyTalk blog.

  • Start your meeting on time.
  • Consider recording the meeting for people who can’t attend.
  • Promote participants to co-presenter status as soon as your meeting begins.
  • When collaboration is your goal, grant control of your computer to other participants to edit documents in real time.