Web Conferencing System Requirements

For optimal web conferencing performance, we recommend the following system configurations:

Operating Systems Supported Browsers Software Mobile
Microsoft Windows - 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit) Internet Explorer - v. 7.0+

Firefox - v. 31.0+

Google Chrome
Adobe Flash - v. 11.0+

Java - v. 1.7+
Apple iPad iOS 7+


ReadyTalk Mobile for iPad app

Recordings can be played from Apple and Android devices.

Linux - 2.6+ kernel (64 bit); x86 CPU required Firefox - v. 31.0+

Google Chrome
Apple OS X - 10.7+ (Intel-based processors) Firefox


Google Chrome

ReadyTalk recommends using the most recent browser version. Download ReadyTalk's web conferencing system requirements.

More about ReadyTalk's System Requirements

Our goal is to make it quick and easy for both presenters and participants to get into ReadyTalk web conferences. Chairpersons and co-presenters must do a small, one-time application download prior to hosting a conference.

Most participants will be able to quickly attend conferences using ReadyTalk’s Flash-based participant application, which requires no download. For the best conferencing experience, we recommend participants use Flash 11 or higher. Participants who do not have a compatible version of Flash and cannot install it can join the conference with ReadyTalk’s alternative java-based participant application.

Additional Web Conferencing System Requirements

  • ReadyTalk limits accounts to 200 slides to ensure that your account is easy to manage and that your slides load more quickly.
  • Listening to Broadcast Audio requires computer speakers or a headset.
  • VoIP Audio requires speakers and microphone, a USB headset is recommended.
  • Video conferencing requires a web camera; an external web cam is recommended for the best experience.
  • Flash 10.1 is required to view recordings.

Additional VoIP Conferencing System Requirements

  • Up to 150 VoIP users may connect at the same time on a single access code.
  • If more than 150 audio users attempt to connect (VoIP or telephone), the surplus users will hear a message that the conference is full.
  • Mobile/Tablet devices are not currently supported (Although iPad users can join the visual portion of web conferences, these users will not have access to VoIP services currently).
  • VoIP services will NOT work for a Chairperson connected over a network that uses a proxy (VoIP will work for Participants connected to a proxy).
  • VoIP services will not work over pipe networking.
  • We recommend that users connect through a wired network connection when using VoIP services to ensure the best quality due to the many issues that an unreliable wireless or tethered connection can cause.
  • Audio quality will degrade significantly on networks with download speeds of less than 1.5 Mbps or wireless networks with inconsistent signal strength.

Additional Audio Conferencing Mobile App System Requirements

  • To download and use the ReadyTalk Audio Conferencing app for iPhone a minimum of iOS 7 is required.
  • To download and use the ReadyTalk Audio Conferencing app for Android, version 4.0 or greater is required.
  • The app is free to meeting hosts and participants.
  • To host an audio meeting, an active ReadyTalk subscription is required .

Questions About Our System Requirements?

ReadyTalk’s customer care team is available 24/7 to support you and your meeting participants. You can reach us at 800.843.9166, email us at support@readytalk.com or visit our support and training section.