VoIP Conferencing System Requirements

Operating Systems Supported Browsers Software
Microsoft Windows - 7 & 8 (32 and 64 bit) Internet Explorer - v. 7.0+

Firefox - v. 31.0+

Google Chrome
Adobe Flash - v. 11.0+

Java - v. 1.7+
Apple OS X - 10.7+ (Intel-based processors) Firefox - v. 31.0+

Safari - v. 6.2+

Google Chrome

Additional VoIP Conferencing System Requirements

  • Up to 150 VoIP users may connect at the same time on a single access code.
  • If more than 150 audio users attempt to connect (VoIP or telephone), the surplus users will hear a message that the conference is full.
  • Mobile/Tablet devices are not currently supported (Although iPad users can join the visual portion of web conferences, these users will not have access to VoIP services currently).
  • VoIP services will NOT work for a Chairperson connected over a network that uses a proxy (VoIP will work for Participants connected to a proxy).
  • VoIP services will not work over pipe networking.
  • We recommend that users connect through a wired network connection when using VoIP services to ensure the best quality due to the many issues that an unreliable wireless or tethered connection can cause.
  • Audio quality will degrade significantly on networks with download speeds of less than 1.5 Mbps or wireless networks with inconsistent signal strength.
  • Although participants can still join the visual portion of web conferences on Adobe Flash Player versions 10.1+, VoIP services will only work for individuals using Flash version 11+.

Questions About Our System Requirements?

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