Post-Webinar Best Practices

The hard work doesn’t end when the webinar ends. After the event, follow up with attendees and no-shows, sharing recording content and measuring success all help to improve webinar ROI.

Prompt Webinar Follow-Up is Key

Send follow-up emails to attendees within 24 hours after the live event. Send a separate message people who registered for the event but were unable to attend. Leads quickly grow cold after a live event, so prompt follow-up is crucial to overall event success. Include anything you promised to attendees or registrants, such as a copy of the slide presentation, a link to the event recording, or other collateral. Have a plan for additional targeted sales outreach or prospect nurturing.

Measure Your Webinar Success

Get more from recorded webinar content:

  • Post short clips on your YouTube channel
  • Embed it on your website with similar content
  • Share short clips on your blog
  • Include the webinar in prospect nurturing emails
  • Play clips from the webinar in other webinars, like a webinar trailer or mini-commercial.

Track key success metrics, such as number of registrants and attendance rate and compare them to past web events or pre-determined targets to gauge success. A good target for attendance is that 30 percent to 40 percent of registrants will attend the live event. By watching the numbers over time, you will quickly get a sense of which topics are most relevant to your audience and learn how to improve performance for the next event.

Looking for more webinar best practices? Frost and Sullivan, a leading growth consulting firm, offers best practices post-event activities and follow-up to improve webinar ROI: