Concierge Services

Webinar Concierge Services

When you need absolute webinar perfection, we're there. Have your event fully managed by a ReadyTalk specialist, or just get a bit of additional support. Our managed concierge services help you eliminate risk and elevate your brand.

Concierge Services
Operator-assisted audio
Request operator-assisted audio for an additional per-usage fee. Include up to 15,000 participants in a single conference and enjoy personalized operator services, such as custom greetings and Q&A support. Available 24 hours a day, every day.

Request operator assisted audio
  • Lorum Ipsum
  • Lorum Ipsum
60-minute dry run
Practice your webinar with a ReadyTalk specialist. They can answer your questions, give you tips, and ensure that everything is working perfectly.

• Test moderator and speaker connections
• Practice using our webinar platform and controls
• Ensure perfect logistics

Request a 60-minute dry run
Setup and customization
Short on time and resources? Let a ReadyTalk specialist prepare and promote your webinar.

• Schedule event in Conference Center
• Create registration pages, emails and campaigns in Conference Center
• Send invitations, reminders and post-meeting emails
• Create post-event survey
• Do basic recording editing

Request setup and customization
Live event monitoring and support
Perfect for when you need a little hand-holding.

• Facilitate 30 minute pre-conference with speakers and moderator
• Provide technical support for speakers and participants
• Monitor for first 30 minutes

Request a 60-minute dry run
Full event moderation and support
Let a ReadyTalk specialist run the whole show.

• Upload all webinar assets and do basic recording editing
• Monitor for 60 minutes, including giving opening and closing
• Provide technical support for speakers and participants
• Moderate chat and Q&A; facilitate speakers

Request a full event moderation and support