Closed Captioning: How-To for Participants

If Closed Captioning Services have been scheduled for your upcoming audio or audio/web conference, you will have access to live, real-time text streamed through an easy-to-use online tool.

How to Access Closed Captioning for your Webinar:

Before the Conference

Refer to the web link in your meeting confirmation email to access to the Closed Captioning Service. Note: If you are participating in a web conference, you will need to log in to TWO separate websites using different links:

  1. Web Conference web link (this link will direct you to ReadyTalk’s service for the webinar)
  2. Closed Captioning web link
  3. Log in to the Web Conference and the Closed Captioning session 5 to 10 minutes before the event start time to familiarize yourself with the available tools.

During Your Conference

If you are participating in both an audio and web conference, you will have two browser windows open. If you are participating in an audio conference only, you will only need one browser window open that displays the streaming text via the Closed Captioning Services tool.

Web Conferencing Closed Caption Interface

After Your Conference

If available, save a copy of the unedited transcript to your own computer. Note: This option is dependent on your meeting organizer’s preferences.

FAQ for Participants

I am unable to access the Closed Captioning Services with the link I was provided.
Ensure you are clicking on the correct link for Closed Captioning Services in the confirmation email. Remember, if you are joining a web conference, you will need to open two different web links for both the web conference and Closed Captioning Services.

Still having issues?
  • If you are participating in an audio and web conference, log in to the conference and send a chat question to your meeting organizer.
  • If you are on an audio-only conference, press *0 for operator assistance.

The Closed Captioning screen is up on my computer, but I do not see the captioning and/or streaming text.

To view the status of the captioner, look at the upper right hand side of the screen to see if the captioner is present or not:

  • If you have joined the meeting more than 10 minutes prior to the conference start time, the captioner may not be present yet.
  • If the conference has already started or is in progress and the captioner is not present, a connection was most likely lost and will be available again shortly.