Managed Concierge Services

When you need absolute webinar perfection, we're there

Our managed concierge services do everything to make you and your company look good.

Tailored to meet your needs

We have a range of services available, all aimed at providing the assistance you need with pricing you can afford. And with more than 60 years of combined experience supporting webinars, we know a thing or two about them.

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60-minute dry run

When you need a little extra support to ensure everything's ready to go, we're there. $150
  • Test moderator and speaker connections
  • Practice using our webinar platform and controls
  • Ensure perfect logistics
Setup & Customization

Setup and customization

Short on time and resources? Let us do the heavy lifting. $500
  • Schedule event in Conference Center
  • Create registration pages, emails and campaigns in Conference Center
  • Send invitations, reminders and post-meeting emails
  • Create post-event survey
  • Do basic recording editing
Live Event Monitoring

Live event monitoring and support

This option is perfect for when you need a little hand holding. $150 per hour
  • Facilitate 30 minute pre-conference with speakers and moderator
  • Provide technical support for speakers and participants
  • Monitor for first 30 minutes
Full Event Moderation

Full event moderation and support

Let us run the show! $325 for 60 minutes; $100 per additional 30 minutes
  • Upload all webinar assets and do basic recording editing
  • Monitor for 60 minutes, including giving opening and closing
  • Provide technical support for speakers and participants
  • Moderate chat and Q&A; facilitate speakers
Assisted Audio

Operator assisted audio

Have more than 150 audio participants? Our Audio Operators are here to ensure your call goes off without a hitch.

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