Share and Follow Up After Your Webinar

After your live webinar, ReadyTalk provides immediate access to the following post-webinar tools:

  • Webinar Follow-Up Emails: Continue the dialog after your webinar with separate, customized emails for attendees and no-shows.
  • Webinar Reporting: Learn more about your audience with registration, attendance, chat, poll and survey reports available immediately after your event.
  • Pain-free Recording and Editing: Get instant access to your recording and make sure it’s perfect with easy-to-use editing tools.
  • Affordable Archiving for Recordings: Enjoy unlimited playbacks plus access to a wealth of features to help you drive more leads from your on-demand recording.
  • Easy Playback: Viewers can watch recorded webinars without downloads. Simply share webinars with your audience by using the playback link or embed your recording into a website or blog.
  • Social Media and Podcasting: Reach new audiences by quickly sharing your webinar recording on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or distributing an iTunes-compatible podcast.
  • Post-Webinar Integration: Automatically capture webinar data in your CRM or Marketing Automation System to speed sales follow-up and drive lead conversion.
  • Post-Webinar Survey: Qualify prospects or get feedback on your event with a post-event survey or send participants to the URL of your choice.

Looking for webinar follow-up best practices? Check ReadyTalk’s Webinar Best Practices with tools to help you measure your webinar success.