Simulive Automated Webinars

Simulive events appear live to your audience, but are actually ReadyTalk recordings played in a live format. Simply record your next ReadyTalk presentation or live webinar and replay the recorded version over and over to stretch your marketing dollars. It’s the perfect way to leverage speakers, trainings, product demos and other content you’ve invested time and money to create.

  • Get More Mileage from Your Recorded Content

    • Planning, producing and promoting a successful webinar can be time consuming. Great speakers can be expensive. Get the best return on your investment by recording once, but delivering that content multiple times.
  • Deliver the Perfect Webinar Every Time

    • Since content is recorded and can be edited, you are able to use your most polished presentation to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Reach Global Audiences with any Recorded ReadyTalk Content

    • Co-presenters in different time zones? Audiences in different parts of the world? Regardless of where or when they watch, you’ll deliver the exact same presentation every time.
  • Keep Participants Engaged

    • With the addition of interactive features like introductions, integrated chat and live Q&A your pre-recorded webinar delivers the illusion of a live event - your participants won’t know the difference.

Questions about Simulive automated webinars?

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A Webinar Package That Includes It All:

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