Webinar Specs

Webinar Specs

VoIP audio
High quality audio delivered using a computer’s microphone and speakers. Learn More.
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Toll audio
Participants calling on a land-line incur a charge from their local telecommunications provider. Learn More.
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Streaming audio
Deliver high-quality audio directly to participant’s speakers with ReadyTalk Broadcast Audio. Participants can choose the audio option that’s right for them – listening to the web conference over the Internet or dialing in with their telephone. Learn More.
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Toll-free audio*
Host incurs incurs telecommunication charges and provides toll-free audio line for participants. Learn More.
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International audio*
By using a country-specific toll-free number, international participants can join a conference in the same reliable and user-friendly way as domestic participants. ReadyTalk provides toll-free numbers for more than 85 countries. Learn More.
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Operator-assisted audio**
Calls are flawless with ReadyTalk Operator-Assisted Audio. Include as many as 3,600 participants in a single conference and enjoy personalized operator services, such as custom greetings and Q&A support. Available 24 hours a day, every day.
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* Select toll-free or international audio for any meeting, at any time, for an additional per-usage fee.

** Request operator-assisted audio for an additional per-usage fee.
Schedule operator-assisted service
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Webinar Features
Easy start & join
Start or schedule meetings quickly.

• Schedule or start instantly
• Start online or dial-in
• Start from desktop or mobile apps
• Send automated email invitations
• Share invite link

Joining is painless for participants.

• No downloads required for participants*
• Dial-in and/or join online
• Join via Call-me

* For Safari & IE 11, a one-time download is required to stream audio or video
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Participant engagement
• Application & desktop sharing
• Share uploaded slides
• Annotation tools
• Video clip playback
• Chat, Q&A and raise hand
• In-meeting & post-meeting surveys
• Follow-up emails
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Meeting management
• Branding and customization options
• Customizable registration form
• Flexible confirmation options
• Appoint co-presenters
• Integrated audio controls
• Optional security passcode
• Comprehensive reporting
• Meeting archive page
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Apps & integrations
• Marketing Automation
• Marketing Services
• CRM Integrations
• Apps & Connectivity Tools
• Open API

Learn more about apps and integrations
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Recording & replays
• One-click recording
• No download to view recording
• Option to store or download recordings*
• Industry-standard file formats
• Mobile playback of recordings

* You can record any meeting, at any time, for free. We will automatically host and store your recordings for an additional fee (after 24 hours). To opt out of hosting fees, simply download recordings and delete from your ReadyTalk archive.
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System Requirements
Operating Systems
Supported Browsers
Microsoft Windows - 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Internet Explorer - v. 7.0+
Firefox - v. 31.0+
Google Chrome
Linux - 2.6+ kernel (64 bit); x86 CPU required
Firefox - v. 31.0+
Google Chrome
Apple OS X - 10.7+ (Intel-based processors)
Google Chrome
Adobe Flash - v. 11.0+
Java - v. 1.7+
Apple iPad iOS 7+
ReadyTalk Mobile for iPad app

Recordings can be played from Apple and Android devices.
More about ReadyTalk's system requirements
Our goal is to make it quick and easy for both presenters and participants to get into ReadyTalk web conferences. Chairpersons and co-presenters must do a small, one-time application download prior to hosting a conference.
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Additional web conferencing system requirements
• ReadyTalk limits accounts to 200 slides to ensure that your account is easy to manage and that your slides load more quickly.
• Listening to Broadcast Audio requires computer speakers or a headset.
• VoIP Audio requires speakers and microphone, a USB headset is recommended.
• Video conferencing requires a web camera; an external webcam is recommended for the best experience.
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