How to use self-serve broadcast audio

Learn how to use self-serve broadcast audio, including:

  • What is self-serve broadcast audio?
  • Audio experience for the chairperson
  • Audio experience for the participant

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Self-Serve Broadcast Audio FAQs

What is Self-Serve Broadcast Audio?

Self-Serve Broadcast Audio allows you to schedule webinars with high quality one-way audio via the participants computer for up to 3,000 attendees (handles up to 149 with dial-in numbers), identify speakers in advance, send out separate audio information for speakers and participants and let your speakers dial into a green room before the call.

Does this replace Operator-Assisted Broadcast Audio?

While Self-Serve Broadcast Audio is an excellent substitute for Operator-Assisted Broadcast Audio, the Operator-Assisted option is still available to you.

How many participants can join a Self-Serve Broadcast Audio event?

Self-Serve Broadcast Audio can support up to 3,000 web participants.

How many dial-in lines can Self-Serve Broadcast Audio support?

Participant dial-in lines are limited to 149. If you require up to 299 dial-in participants, they can be added by placing a request with customer care in advance, pending availability. Fees apply.

What should I do if I think I might reach the 149 participant dial-in limit?

If you require more than 149 dial-in lines, they can be added via a request to customer care in advance, pending availability. Fees apply.

Is there hold music for participants to listen to prior to the start of the event?

Yes, for both Broadcast Audio and phone participants. However, if a speaker goes into the live broadcast to make an announcement and then returns to the green room, hold music will not start up again so participants will hear silence until the broadcast resumes.

Can you un-mute a participant who has dialed into the participant line?

Individual lines may be un-muted within the web interface.

How many people can dial into the private speaker line?

Up to 15 speakers may dial into the private speaker line.

Is speaker dial-out available?

Not at this time.

Will I be charged for speaker lines?

Yes, but only for one speaker line even if you have multiple speakers dial-in.

Will I be charged for a recording line?

Yes, if you record your event, you will be charged for the recording line.

If somebody was invited as a speaker, are they automatically a co-presenter?

No, the chairperson must manually promote speakers to co-presenters.

Are International dial-in numbers available for speakers?

Yes, International toll numbers are provided for speakers.

Can you start recording before leaving the private speaker line?

Yes, you can start the recording as soon as the Record button becomes enabled in Conference Controls. This button becomes enabled once the chairperson’s audio line is connected and visible in Conference Controls.

Will speakers need to mute their computer speakers?

Yes, if speakers are viewing the web conference as a participant. It is not necessary for a co-presenter, co-presenters will not have audio broadcasted through their computer. Note the chairperson line should not be muted via the web interface.

Do speaker dial-in numbers and speaker ID’s change for each call?

Yes, however the participant number stays the same.

Who is this feature available for?

Self-Serve Broadcast Audio is available for all current Webinar 150, 500 and 3000 subscribers and new customers who purchase Webinar 150, 500 and 3000 plans.