The ReadyTalk Voyage

In 2001, a fearless and persistent team of entrepreneurs set out to build a great audio, web, and video conferencing technology company — with ReadyTalk, they did just that.

Through PASSION, INNOVATION, and TECHNOLOGY, we strive to provide customers with everything that’s been missing in online meetings and presentations with easy-to-use technology supported by expert service.

Today we are working to build an intelligent, tightly integrated platform that will support any and all types of collaboration for companies big and small. An expanded portfolio of products including pristine video collaboration and a focus on cooperative applications will continue to meet the communication needs of every person. We enable the Future of Work.

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"Our engineering team is just stacked with smart people that I learn from every day. My current role has me learning new things every day and it's impossible to get bored. In the last few months I've done hack-a-thons around Virtual Reality, 360 degree cameras, and the Microsoft Kinect. All of these projects required awesome hardware that ReadyTalk Paid for :) Also, Pi day is coming up and who doesn't love hacking on Raspberry Pis??"
"I enjoy the people that I work with. They are extremely smart, motivated, and care about what they do."
"In addition to all the awesome benefits (free food, free RTD pass, etc), we also get to work on very interesting problems and ReadyTalk has a huge commitment to the personal development of their employees. A high level of transparency and communication from leadership keeps energy high and the big picture in view."

Smart Folks Who Give a Damn.

Boredom. Apathy. You’re waiting for yet another story to trickle down the pipeline and there’s only so much time you can spend on Reddit, before you lose your mind.

You’ve seen your share of press releases about great companies. You get recruiters seeking “full stack developers in name-your-tech” messages on LinkedIn. And to be honest? All the companies start to sound the same. Kegs in the kitchen, snacks, schwag, video games, remote working, fun environment, and so on. We do that too, don’t get us wrong, but at some point it’s not enough to distinguish the Pied Pipers from the Initechs.

So what’s left?

If we have to use one word, it would be culture. We know what you’re thinking. “Everyone says that.” Sure. But we’d argue that we’re different. Everyone at ReadyTalk is smart, everyone is invested, and everyone is interested in not just what is on their plate today, but what they’re doing in the future. One day you might be working on a new feature, the next might be a heads down, team hack-a-thon to play with new technologies: from augmented VR to Deep Learning. Of course there’s beer and pizza (or their gluten/dairy-free equivalents for the celiac and lactose impaired) and it isn’t unusual for the hours to speed by when you’re really onto something and you’re having fun. That would be fine, in and of itself, but if we told you that everyone is encouraged to invest a part of their time at work in innovation, and learning and pushing yourself and your colleagues is part of the, yes, culture, you might be more inclined to take a second look.

You can write code anywhere, but you can’t fake people, you can’t fake culture. ReadyTalk builds collaboration tools for today and tomorrow and we don’t just say things like “culture” and “innovation” to look good on a press release. Trust, energy, innovation, and commitment are imbedded in the fabric of the company. Yeah, the perks are good, but the people are great and the future is, as Joe Strummer once said “unwritten."

You’ve heard it all before, but ask yourself “Do I like being bored?” There’s only so many memes, after all.

(Just Some) of the Perks

Voted Best Place to Work
Charitable Contribution Match
RTD Eco Pass
Fully Stocked Kitchen
401k Retirement Plan
Tuition Reimbursement
Adoption Assistance
Generous Health Savings Account (HSA) Contributions
Community Service Volunteer Hours
Wellness Allowances (race fees, gyms, etc.)

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