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ReadyTalk Account Administration Center allows you to manage your ReadyTalk account, add, edit and delete users and access codes, downloaded account information and create additional access codes.

Access to the Administration Center will need to be enabled by a ReadyTalk Customer Care Representative or your Account Manager. If you are not currently enabled to use this feature, Contact ReadyTalk Customer Care.

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Frequently asked billing and invoice questions

Need more information about you invoice? Have a look at this 3 minute video that explains how to understand all the data we provide.

Where can I find a copy of ReadyTalk’s IRS form W-9?

Download ReadyTalk's W-9 form.

How can I change my invoice delivery preference?

ReadyTalk Customer Care can change your invoice format to print, email or both.

Can I receive a duplicate copy of my invoice?

What is my current balance?

Your current balance due will be listed on the first page of your invoice. If you believe a payment has been made that would affect the listed amount and you will need an updated balance, Contact ReadyTalk Customer Care.

How can I change my billing contact and address?

Contact ReadyTalk Customer Care to add a billing contact or change your address.

What are my rates?

If you have questions about your current audio and web conferencing rates, please contact your account representative or Contact ReadyTalk Customer Care.

On my invoice, there is a service fee. What is this?

The Service Fee is, applied to the pre-tax value of all ReadyTalk Conferencing and Collaboration Services. ReadyTalk is continuously working to develop a more efficient service and support organization. The Service Fee has been implemented to make-up a portion of the cost of this support without raising rates.

The Service Fee was added for all ReadyTalk services starting in August 2017. Notice of the addition or any updates to the service fee has always been listed on the preceding invoice before it was applied.

What are the charges for Recordings?

Recording Hosting Fees are charges to store recordings within the Conference Center. They are charged if you do not delete your recording before 11:59pm Mountain Time on the day it was created. If you wish to avoid these charges, you can download your recording and then promptly delete any recordings you do not want to keep from your Conference Center. Recording Hosting Fees are pro-rated, so they will stop accruing the day your recordings are deleted. Note – as Recording Hosting Fees will continue to accrue as long as recordings are hosted, you may see recordings listed on your invoice that were created before the previous month. This is because the charge is for the time the recording was hosted in the past month, not for the time it was created.

Why is my invoice in three parts?

The First part of the invoice reflects the total balance due, as well as any previous balance or past payments. The Second part lists the details of charges specific to individual Access Codes. The Third part reflects a detailed breakdown, showing the usage by access code for each charge.

How can I see more detailed reports of the meetings listed on my invoice?

The third part of your invoice will show a breakdown of charges for specific meetings. To see more detailed reports for each meeting, login to the ReadyTalk Conference Center, using the access code associated with the meeting (note you will also need the passcode to login to Conference Center). Select View Reports on the left side of the page. You will find web meeting details under the Meetings subtab, and audio meeting details under the Audio subtab.

On my invoice, there is a Regulatory Fee charge. What is this?

Regulatory fees apply to all applicable Federal, State, and Local USF (Universal Service Fund) fees. Rates and applicable charges vary depending on individual states and municipalities.

What are the charges for ‘State Tax’ and ‘Local Tax’ on my invoice?

Effective April 1, 2018, ReadyTalk charges applicable state and local sales taxes for pre-tax value of service. Tax rates and rules vary between taxing jurisdictions. If you are tax-exempt, please email a valid tax exemption certificate, applicable to the state or other taxing jurisdiction in which you are claiming the exemption, to

Is it possible to be exempt from state and local taxes on my ReadyTalk invoice?

If you are tax-exempt, please email a valid tax exemption certificate, applicable to the state in which you are claiming the exemption, to Tax exemption certificates must be on file in advance of the last business day of the month to be applied to the following month's invoice. Note - The Federal IRS I-9 form is not applicable. We require a state-issued tax exempt form.