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Frequently asked billing and invoice questions

On my invoice, there is a Federal USF charge. What is this?

The Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) is a required fee that all telecommunications carriers and audio conferencing providers pay as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This fee only applies to audio conferencing. Your web conferencing, recording hosting and other one-time service charges are not subject to this fee. To learn more about the FUSF mandatory telecom fee, go to the Universal Services Administration Company website.

Where can I find a copy of ReadyTalk’s IRS form W-9?

Download ReadyTalk's W-9 form.

How can I change my invoice delivery preference?

ReadyTalk Customer Care can change your invoice format to print, email or both.

Can I receive a duplicate copy of my invoice?

While we do not mail duplicate copies of invoices, prior invoices can be emailed upon request by an approved billing contact. Contact ReadyTalk Customer Care for more information.

What is my current balance?

To check your current account balance, contact ReadyTalk Customer Care.

How can I change my billing contact and address?

Contact ReadyTalk Customer Care to add a billing contact or change your address.

What are my rates?

If you have questions about your current audio and web conferencing rates, please contact your account representative or Contact ReadyTalk Customer Care.

A member of the customer care team is available to answer billing and invoice questions Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET: