ReadyTalk Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about ReadyTalk's audio and web conferencing service.

ReadyTalk Overview

What is ReadyTalk?

ReadyTalk provides audio and web conferencing services, web events and professional services and recording and syndication tools. With ReadyTalk’s conferencing services,  you can host lead generation webinars, offer interactive training, conduct sales demos, host collaborative meetings, meet with international colleagues. 

How do I purchase ReadyTalk?

ReadyTalk offers pay-per-minute and flat monthly rate plans. Webinars and professional services are also available on single purchase basis. Visit ReadyTalk’s pricing page for more details. 

Can I get a demo or free trial of ReadyTalk’s web conferencing services?

Yes, we offer free trials for web conferencing services. Sign up now for a live demo or a free trial.

How do I join a meeting?

To hear the conference, dial the toll-free number and enter the 7-digit access code. To watch the conference from a computer, go to and enter the same 7-digit access code in the “PARTICIPANT, Join a Conference” box. To watch the conference from an iPad, launch ReadyTalk Mobile on your iPad and  enter the 7-digit access code in the “Access Code” box.

How do I start a meeting?

To start the audio portion of the meeting: dial your toll-free number and enter your 7-digit access code. When prompted, press the * key and enter your Chairperson Passcode.
To start your web conference: visit and entering your Access Code and Chairperson Passcode in the "CHAIRPERSON, Start a Conference" box. Click the radio button next to the desired meeting title or select an On-Demand meeting, and then click the green, “Open Meeting Controls” button.

How do I record a meeting?

As chairperson, press *2 on your phone to record the conference. The audio system will prompt you to press 1 to confirm the recording request. In approximately 10 seconds, the audio system will tell you and all participants that the conference is being recorded. To stop your recording, press *2 again.  

You can also click the “Record Meeting” button in your web conference controls to record the webinar or meeting.

Learn more about how to Record, Podcast and Embed webinars and recorded meetings.

How many attendees can join a conference?

Up to 96 participants can join your on-demand audio conference simultaneously (support for up to 150 participants per call is available upon request).  If you need personalized operator services with support for up to 3,000 participants, the ReadyTalk Events Team can assist you with setting up a audio, web or audio and web conference. 

What equipment do I need to host and conduct a ReadyTalk meeting?

To conduct a ReadyTalk audio meeting, you only need a telephone. To conduct a ReadyTalk web meeting, you need a computer and a high-speed internet connection. For complete details, see the ReadyTalk System Requirements.

What operating systems, browsers and mobile platforms are supported?

ReadyTalk supports multiple platforms and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS computers and Apple iOS (iPad).  We also support numerous browsers. See the ReadyTalk System Requirements for a complete list.

How do participants listen to a ReadyTalk meeting?

ReadyTalk audio conferencing is conducted over the telephone. Broadcast Audio, which delivers audio to a participant’s computer/iPad® speakers is also available. Learn about ReadyTalk’s Broadcast Audio.

Manage Your Account

Where do I find the international audio numbers for my account?

What do I do if I forgot my Chairperson Passcode?

You can  look up your Chairperson Passcode or your password can be emailed to you at any time, contact help [at] (subject: ReadyTalk%20Customer%20Needs%20Help%20-%20Forgot%20Chairperson%20Passcode)  for details.

Can I change my Chairperson Passcode?

Yes, you can change your Chairperson Passcode at any time. Get step-by-step instructions.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, you can pay your invoice online at anytime.  You can also get answers to other frequently asked billing and invoice questions.