ReadyTalk Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about ReadyTalk's audio and web conferencing service.

ReadyTalk Overview

Does ReadyTalk work on mobile devices?

Joining a ReadyTalk meeting is currently supported on the Apple iPad using the ReadyTalk Mobile app.   Starting and running a ReadyTalk meeting is currently only supported on a desktop or laptop computer.

Can I use the web interface to manage my audio call?

Yes, we highly recommend using the web interface to manage your audio call. There is no cost for this and it makes it easier to manage participants. Get tips on Using the Web to Manage and Audio Call.

Why can’t I hear audio when joined to a meeting using ReadyTalk Mobile for iPad?

Participants will only be able to listen to audio using ReadyTalk Mobile for iPad if the meeting chairperson has ordered Broadcast Audio for the webinar. For meetings without Broadcast Audio, participants must dial-in to the audio portion of the call using their telephone.